[matroska-general] Comments on MPCF

Steve Lhomme steve.lhomme at free.fr
Tue Mar 11 17:17:04 CET 2003

It seems you were discussing about the new Mplayer-exclusive container format
called MPCF.

Should we take lots of time convincing them that it's not necessary to make it
because Matroska does what they want ? We tried to, with no success.

My opinion is that we should wait until they finish their specs, and then
comment the format. This is exactly what I would have like people working on
other containers do on Matroska. It didn't happen (even though we tried to ask
everyone). But I think that's how things should be done. After all, when you
publish a scientific paper, it is first reviewed and commented by peer
scientifics before being published. And so far that has worked great for
science. Why not for open multimedia projects ? (maybe a lack of culture for
technical things and contradiction)

Well, now you have my opinion. I don't see a reason to spend more time on their
format while we have so many things to do. So far nothing I've seen mentioned on
their project wasn't already taken in account in matroska. When they think their
format is OK and ready to be published/commented we may spend some more time on
it. If they aren't even open to comments, why bother doing some ?! 

Maybe we could improve Matroska from ideas in their format. We'll see...

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