[matroska-general] Re: On the layout

Golddragongt at cs.com Golddragongt at cs.com
Sun Mar 9 17:36:57 CET 2003

"It looks good. But I have one complain. Why don't you use the whole screen 
size ?"

The problem with using the whole screen size is that at different screen 
resolutions, or specifically, lower resolutions, the page can get messed up. 
Let me clarify. When I use the whole screen size, I have to specify the width 
of things in percentages. This works fine, at a certain resolution (I use 
1024 x 768, but usually my pages look okay at higher resolutions). But at a 
lower resolution, things screw up. The tables, text, and links get scrunched 
up and broken up. I find only two good ways of dealing with layout: no real 
layout or pixels. Obviously, we want some kind of layout, so I specify the 
pixel width of things. I design it for the most common client, a client with 
800x600 resolution. If you view it in that resolution, you should see the 
page fit the screen perfectly... I hope my explanation was good.


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