[matroska-general] First public release of libmatroska

Steve Lhomme steve.lhomme at free.fr
Sat Mar 8 14:28:17 CET 2003


As promised we have reach an important step in the developement of matroska.

Today is the day where we can release the current library to the public 
(developpers). It can be used to produce valid matroska files in 
various/flexible form. And it also allows a flexible way to retrieve 
information from the file for playback.

You can download the file on Sourceforge from now on at :


Here are the release notes:

This is the first release that is usable to make valid matroska files.

You can currently read/write segments, segment info, tracks 
informations, cluster with frames and references.

You can also void some elements you don't want to keep, overwrite a void 
element (to be able to write elements like the cue entry at the 
beggining of the file).

And you can jump to any location in the find and find the next known 
element (Segment, Cluster, etc)


There are many improvement and additions pending. But with this code you 
can already read/write any movie with all important needed features. 
More matroska features will be introduced with time, as well as bug 

PS: It's official now, matroska is no vapourware :D


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