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Marlena Deren Marlena at mail.1000ad.net
Fri Mar 7 16:37:58 CET 2003


Based on your comments about other logos, I had a feeling you'd like that one the most :) I did consider B&W and the logo looks better than in the shades of green, but I love color and also thought green was the inofficial color of Matroska :) I can make two identical versions of it, one for the electronic medium and a B&W or a colored one that is suited for printing and looks good on paper. I was not aware of that option before. Actually the other two logos that I would consider for this are Pamel's, which is so extremely bold and full of impact, as well as the logo with bar codes. Pamel's logo screams "graphic design" and has so much potential from a fanstastic 3D looking logo if you extend all of the angles out of the box, a rotating animation, to a paper stamp, you could even create a sculpture based on it a put it in the lobby of your not-for-profit organization when you become one :) Plus it would work well with any solid color+black or solid color+white combination. It
 's a terrific. I am wondering why I missed that one before...


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From: Steve Lhomme <steve.lhomme at free.fr>
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>I like them all. I have a preference for the bottom left one. It's simple and
>nice. In the other hand, as it was said by Pamel (IIRC), the logo has to look
>good in B&W, ie 2 colors. So that it can easily printed. That's why I like the
>Ayaka 4/13 one. The one on the bottom right could also achieve that.
>Now for USF it's another story. I don't think anyone will ever print that on a
>simple surface (think of the CD Disc logo on CD players).
>> Marlena,
>> you should have been on the IRC channel and witnessed the discussion 
>> about what logo is the best and such .. all are brilliant !!
>I think I missed that one too.
>> Keep the comments coming folks, i have a personal favourite, but would
>> love to hear your opinion first.

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