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Liisachan Liisachan at faireal.net
Sat Mar 8 08:12:57 CET 2003


thank you for understanding,
of course there is nothing wrong with new designs from "outside" at all, =

rahter they are to be welcomed as you said,
but i just felt i had to say something to explain how there are these=20
new logos all of a sudden.

> I didn't think of an "air carrier logo" at first, but that is a good ob=
servation :)
> I suppose that my work has a bit of a commercial feeling in it.

Er, I didnt mean that your work had a "commercial" flavour;
i just meant they are so nice and made skillfully that anyone of them cou=
ld be the official logo
for a real, great company (commercial or non-profit one)
But come to think of it, since Matoroska is a "super-container"
it s not so strange that Matroska Logo might be associated with some air =
Matroska IS a carrier :)

Just one thing:
I m not a designer myself; I m here because i am interested in Matroska g=
especially as a subtitler. I upped some articles about Matroska before in=
 my site
for japanese readers, then one of the readers contacted me saying he made=
 a logo.


Marlena Deren wrote:

>Hey Liisachan,
>That was a one, long email which substituted my morning newspaper :)=20
>I have a feeling that you are trying to justify Ayaka's logo and his/you=
r involvement as "outsiders" in the Matroska design, but please don't be =
apologetic about it. No one is embarassed, I don't think, at least I am n=
ot and I would not know why we should in the first place, I appreciate ev=
eryone's work and the more the better. I posted my work for the rest of t=
he team to consider and maybe to give anyone else who is designing, an in=
spiration of incorporating something from any of my stuff into theirs. I =
am just adding my ideas to the Matroska design think tank :) and by no me=
ans trying to elevate my designs above any one else's. I didn't think of =
an "air carrier logo" at first, but that is a good observation :) I suppo=
se that my work has a bit of a commercial feeling in it. Feel free to add=
 any logo ideas, this is not a beauty paegant :) anything is a valuable i=
dea resource. Ayaka has spent quite an amount of his time and attention o=
n the logo and provided us with multiple v
> ariations of it, all is appreciated and I try to give my feedback to ev=
eryone. Also, thanks for collecting all the graphics and posting them all=
 on one page, you have no idea how helpful it is to see it all under one =
link plus there are few I have not seen before either.
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> =20
>>Hi Marlena:
>>i am the one who posted ayaka's logo for him,
>>and i m afraid what i did might have embarrassed some of you guys in a =
>>well, as i posted there 1st,
>>it was not that i was going to ignore other works;
>>i posted a link as just ONE possible basis for discussion,
>>or rather, just to show there are quite a few ppl who are interested in=
>>this project.
>>in fact, i even didnt (and dont) know exactly how many other works ther=
>>have been for possible MKV logos/icons,
>>tho i did know MiChiFu for MCF :)
>>Well, but, to be fair, i should note that even now there is a "help=20
>>wanted" article for the Logo / Icon in the project page
>>which read: "needs help badly from somebody making a nice logo for us. =
>>So, since i was (and practically am) an "outsider,"  i simply thought=20
>>any possibility would be openly welcomed.
>>putting that aside, ayaka is young, and naturally not skilled like a pr=
>>nor experienced,
>>tho we must admit he has excellent taste;
>>His design is simple, chic, and elegant; not very colorful, but not too=
>>However, probably his sketch would have been polished a little...
>>I m feeling that especially now that i ve checked your sophisticated=20
>>logos, Marlena.
>>so even if his idea is basically ok, the problem would not be "this or =

>>that?" but he would still need a lot of help
>>by other skilled designers, and imo, such a help should be highly=20
>>On the other hand, even tho his idea is not best for the logo after all=
>>we might just as well use his icon as a part of web design etc. as a=20
>>little accent piece.
>>Like today's OGM that is related both with that Fish logo and "Thor and=
>>there can be more than one designs around Matroska; nothing wrong about=
>>i mirrored your work in my page too:
>>Your logos are so sophisticated that, to my eyes,
>>any one of them can be the logo for a professional air carrier company =
>>Marlena Deren wrote:
>>   =20
>>>I finally posted couple of my logo ideas. They were done before the la=
test "Japanese" version. Take a look and let me know what you think and w=
hat works, they are drafts so anything can be changed. I have tons of oth=
er ideas but I don't know whether I should continue working on Matroska o=
r whether I should move onto the USF project if no one has volunteered ye=
t. The link for the Matroska logos is: http://www.1000ad.net/marlena/matr=
oskalogos.html =20
>>>(I worked around an idea of an icon of matryoshka which you will find =
in one form or another in every one of the logos :)  )
>>>     =20
>>   =20
> =20


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