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I realized that I should have numbered the logos to be exactly sure which one you are talking about, but I am assuming that it is the one with the "cube." Do you think that the font works in that one? I was not sure about it. Thanks for your response :)


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>> Hey,
>> I finally posted couple of my logo ideas. They were done before the latest
>"Japanese" version. Take a look and let me know what you think and what
>works, they are drafts so anything can be changed. I have tons of other
>ideas but I don't know whether I should continue working on Matroska or
>whether I should move onto the USF project if no one has volunteered yet.
>The link for the Matroska logos is:
>> (I worked around an idea of an icon of matryoshka which you will find in
>one form or another in every one of the logos :)  )
>I think the third logo is great, enough "official" and so :)

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