[matroska-general] Matroska : 1. Work list update 2. New job proposal 3. New team members

Christian HJ Wiesner chris at matroska.org
Thu Mar 6 12:26:01 CET 2003

Hi there,

a couple of things :

1. Work list update

Attached please find the listing of who is working on what, so we have a 
better overview :

- Steve 'robux4' LHomme : finishing main libmatroska C++ library

- Julien 'Cyrius' Coloos : matroskadub ; porting to Vdub 1.5.x , bug fixes

- Moritz 'Mosu' Bunkus : mkvtoolnix ; adding Vorbi support and frame 
referencing to mkvmerger, improving mplayer patch to support seeking in 
the file

- Jan 'myFUN/Kromyx' Schlenker : DirectShow parser ( soon )

- John 'spyder' Cannon : MPEG1 video muxing into matroska ; finishing 
SRT2USF.exe ( port to Linux )

- Animesh Shrivastava, Shailesh 'Shelly' Mistry : Porting libmatroska to 
C, updating C API

- Ronald 'BBB' Bultje : matroska Gstreamer plugin ( waiting in C lib )

- 'mmu_man' : Porting mkvmerger and mplayer patch to BeOS

- How ' How Man' Tam, Henry Poon : matroska streaming server, based on 
icecast ( not started yet )

- Jory Jcsston' : GUI in GTK for mkvmerger.exe ( learning phase )

- thana : file repair tool ( not started yet )

- David E. 'DaveEL' Leatherdale : avs2matroska.exe

- Marlena, RathO, David, Nupur Sarpal, Anshuman 'Golddragongt' 
Bhairavbhat : website creation, logo

- Raghavendran 'raghav' : MPC2matroska.exe

- ChristianHJW : clarifying legal status of matroska association

2. New job proposal :

Anybody volunteering to port Mosu's mkvmerger to Windows ? While 
matroskadub is a great tool to create ( mux ) and edit matroska files on 
Windows, i see problems coming along us with respect to muxing all the 
different subtitle formats we are going to support, as well as new audio 
formats such as
- Speex
Support muxing of those should be much easier to do from a command line 
based tool like Mosu's mkvmerger, so its essential for us we have it 
ported to Windows.

Anybody on the job ? Henry ( until we hear from How Tam ) ? Thana ? Shelly ?

3. New Team members

Please allow me to welcome

Marlena Deren , as new member of the design team ( our first female team 
member !! :-) )

Henry Poon, as new development team member. Welcome Henry, we hope 
working with our team will be big fun for you

Anshuman 'Golddragongt' Bhairavbhat , joining the design team also

Best regards



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