[matroska-general] Re: Layout Comments

Marlena Deren marlena at 1000ad.net
Tue Mar 4 02:12:11 CET 2003

I'll work on some of the logos tonight and post them sometime tomorrow. I am
happy with using the mailing list especially that I usually get the messages
twice. Did everyone sign up for it though?


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> Some variations to the Japanese logo design :
> http://www.faireal.net/matroska/matroska_logo003.png
> Anybody care to make something different thats based on that, so we get
> even more inspired :-) ??
> BTW, if you guys dont want to use the mailing list, should we use the
> webboard on corecodec.com to discuss some more design ideas ?
> What you think ?
> Christian
> http://www.matroska.org


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