[matroska-general] Re: Want to learn and help on the project: matroska : help with gstreamer plugins

Christian HJ Wiesner chris at matroska.org
Mon Mar 3 15:26:40 CET 2003

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Hi Henry !

Henry Poon wrote:

>Hi Christian,
>My name is Henry, and my user name in sf is
>cpp_programmer. matroska sounds like a interesting
>project and I am espeicially interested in the stream
>server and the binary xml format.  Just wonder can I
>join the project and start learning and contribute to
>the open sourece programming. Please let me know if I
>am in.
>Thank you very much.
>Little bit detail about me
>Henry Poon
>2 yrs C/C++ (mainly on Windows platform)
>2 yrs Java
>1 yr in XML programming (mainly using xerces)
>Thank you very much and looking forward to hearing
>from you!!
>Henry Poon

sure, you are more than welcome my friend ! If you have some background 
in XML it will be easy for you to understand EBML ( http://ebml.sf.net 
), the 'backbone' of matroska.

With respect to the streaming server, we had an offer from How Man ( How 
Tam ) to look at this, he has some 6 years of C/C++ programming and is 
working for a big ISP in the US, so he is certainly the man to get this 
moving. He was sending me a mail recently telling me he cant really 
contribute to matroska in the next weeks, but is planning to dive into 
the icecast sources soon to get a feeling how difficult it was to get at 
least a HTTP server on the way for matroska, RTP to come (much ) later.

As he has got the longer experience in programming and a very good 
networking background from his workplace, could you accept him being the 
project leader and you working with him together on the project ?

How Tam, can you please give us a short update when you will be able to 
look at the task ? Its no problem at all if you cant start working on 
that right now, as i was pointing out already, as the streaming server 
is not at all highest priority for us now, its more a future thing we 
want. Is it ok for you if Henry joined your team or do you prefer to 
work alone ?

Henry, if How Tam could not start the project right now, would you be 
interested to be assigned to one of the other jobs for the time being, 
like the file repair tool ( together with thana, who wanted to look at 
this once his real life interrupts are sorted out ;-) ) ?? Do you have 
any background in multimedia programming, like with Xine, mplayer ( 
www.mplayerhq.hu ) or VLC ( www.videolan.org ) ? Would you be interested 
in looking at the Gstreamer plugin, guided by Ronald 'BBB' Bultje maybe 
? Dont misunderstand me, its not at all a problem if you hadn't, i am 
just trying to get a better picture what job could be of interest to you 
if we cant start working on the streaming server project right now :-)  !

Thanks guys for your reply, and dont forget to send them to the 
matroska-general ML also.




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