[matroska-general] ebuild support for matroska on Gentoo !

Christian HJ Wiesner chris at matroska.org
Sun Jun 29 12:31:24 CEST 2003


good news :


Monty felt like telling them the old story, like '.. why oh why did they 
not build it on Ogg, Ogg can do everything they need ...' .... he 
wouldnt have bothered a couple of weeks ago i guess ;-) ...

Some Goodies from #vorbis about that :

<rvalles> http://forums.gentoo.org/viewtopic.php?p=390385#390385
<rvalles> hehe
<rvalles> :)
<rvalles> it seems xiphmont answered, too.
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<xiphmont> couldn't resist.
<xiphmont> I hate self-important types who can't bother to dealin facts.
* Lucifer applauds xiphmont
<rvalles> xiphmont: well done.
<xiphmont> especially when they're my fact.
<xiphmont> s
<rvalles> xiphmont: the think that sucks is that missinformed fansubbing 
groups are starting to use matroska :/
<rvalles> xiphmont: www.doom9.com or .org or whatever it is called is 
one of the epicenters of the missinformation...
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<rvalles> In Matroska.org, they're even claiming that Matroska is 
designed to be streamable (???)
<xiphmont> perhaps a subset version is.
<xiphmont> ala Quicktime.
<xiphmont> I'm not going to claim to be a Mastroska expert, as I'm not.
<rvalles> xiphmont: ChristHJW told me they don't have anything for 
streaming yet
<xiphmont> The main mastroska people are not incompetent.
<rvalles> xiphmont: and they plan to do it realtime converting matroska 
to ogg, or that's what he told me.
<xiphmont> That's not the same as it being unable to do it; keep 
'design' and 'implementation' seperate.
<rvalles> xiphmont: I don't think they are, of course.
<xiphmont> The problem I have with the main Mastroska folks is that 
they're overly anal... not entirely but tending toward the 'I don;t 
agree with you, so I'm taking my toys and going home' sort.
<xiphmont> Shrug.
<xiphmont> The real annoyance is that they're going for one huge 
monolithic abstraction.  They want to reinvent every video wheel from 
scratch (well, except the codecs)
<xiphmont> I don't really want to get on their cases as they mostly 
leave me alone.
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<xiphmont> They don;t bug me, I don;t bug then.  that said, I don;t 
believe in their approach, so I'm content to not bleed resources to them.
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<rvalles> well
<rvalles> naptime
<rvalles> cya later
<xiphmont> OTOH, if their fanboys get out of hand, I'm happy to amuse 
myself by smacking them down ;-)
<xiphmont> 'night
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<viper> has anyone ever seen mp3gain destroy a lame tag?
<viper> ogm files are great
<viper> i like the container format so far
<viper> is there anything i should know before I mux vorbis audio with 
divx video?
<xiphmont> "not really"
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<viper> is the ds filter considered "official"
<viper> i though technically it was not supported to play ogg files
<xiphmont> Tobias tried pretty hard to support Ogg correctly; the only 
difference should be the extention.  Really.
<viper> thanks. i just dont want to have problems if the container is 
revised in the future
<xiphmont> the container won't be.  DIVX mapping may be, but it's unlikely.
<pmisfit> i am slowly but surely implementing mp3 encapsulation over 
ogg, for a jukebox application. other than being merely distasteful, is 
there any reason why this wouldn't work?
<viper> damn... record companies are getting better at fucking up mp3s 
on file sharing services
<viper> they share files with the same name/size/crc?? as other 
currently existing files
<pmisfit> viper: md5 or sha1 hash should fail. giFT prolly won't be fooled.
<viper> because the services dl from multiple sources, dl'ing from the 
one file will mess up part if not all of your download
<viper> i dont know how kazaa deems files as the same
<viper> i guess its all for the better.....
<viper> they are protecting their rights
<viper> just an annoyance
<viper> i wanted a certain copy of a song that has a disapearing lame 
tag when replay-gained with mp3gain
<viper> instead, i got about 1/4 of that song, and the rest was fubar
<viper> even though a month ago, the exact same version of the song 
exhisted in perfect condition
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<xiphmont> pmisfit: mp3 over ogg?  that doens't make sense.  You mean 
mp3 frames inside ogg?
<tangent3> omg
<tangent3> a matroska ebuild?
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