[matroska-general] Re: Some more flaming about MPC/matroska/MCF on #vorbis

Steve Lhomme steve.lhomme at free.fr
Sun Jun 15 10:16:02 CEST 2003

  <Emmett> He's the guy that flooded vorbis-dev about a year ago with
'Matroska is better than Ogg,' etc.

Yeah... And sadly they didn't listen ;)

<X-Caliber> too much buzzwordy stuff in that project

Seems like some time will pass until this kind of bullshit stops. 
Probably when we'll get wider acceptance.

  <Emmett> Matroska is a MCF-breakaway
  <Emmett> MCF is an attempt to hold virtually every kind of encoded
multimedia in one file by using an extensible markup format.

And some people don't know the facts (MCF uses no markup format).

  <Emmett> I believe the MCF guys have gotten a few things working, but
the Matroska team hasn't. I may be incorrect.

More wrong facts (the MCF guy that got something working was me).

  <Emmett> Patent and licensing issues, the extensibility of Matroska, etc

About this whole sterile patent debate. I can't think of a single OSS 
project that has been stopped/closed/whatever because of a patent. So 
the paranoid people will care more than anything else. And spend time on 
useless issues.

  <Emmett> The thing that started MCF was someone's misinterpretation
about how Ogg handles timestamps.

Terribly wrong. Theora-dev prooved us terribly right.

  <OldMan> Looks like it's ALL just sour grapes and hot air at the moment.

Are these people trapped in a prison where they can only access 1 or 2 
websites ?

  <Emmett> But when the competition provided is mainly people wanking on
vorbis-dev about the Once and Future Container That Has No Code, it's a
pain in the ass for people who are actually trying to get things done.
  <Emmett> Open Source tends to work best as a code-first game.
  <Emmett> But some people still don't get it, which causes irritation to
those who do.

The old try/test/modify hacking method has not proven better than the 
think/specify/code method... Maybe only people coming from the 
research&dev world can understand that...

My band is called Too Many Fools Following Too Many Rules... That 
applies to coding too :)

What pleases me is that these days all this "underground" work is 
proving how right we were.

  <Emmett> What will this ID cost you?

Probably as much as a new codec in Ogg.

  <Emmett> Oh... they're not prepared to answer that quite yet.

Again, wrong facts.

PS: What is Emmett's address ? I'd like to send this to him.


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