[matroska-general] Re: Japanese and/or Korean/Chinese subtitles for my new matroska smaple file

Liisachan Liisachan at faireal.net
Thu Jun 12 14:18:12 CEST 2003

Christian HJ Wiesner wrote:

>Hi Liisachan, Hi Ayaka,
>i am turning to you, searching help in a specific matter about 
>subtitles. You may be aware that the last sample file i made, with 5.1 
>AAC audio and full DVD resolution ( XviD ) was a big success, attracting 
>many users to 'sniff' into using matroska first time ( even people from 
>Ahead tested it and were delighted i heard  ;-) ... lol  ).
>I have plans for another, better file now, and i want to propagate this 
>on all video related mailing lists and webboards to show them the 
>'power' of matroska :-) . The file will be 'Starwars Episode 2 - attack 
>of the clones' , like the first time, i also think i will use the same 
>scene again, dont know yet, be 10 MB big again ( 30 s ) and have the 
>following features :
>- 'native' MPEG4 matroska video stream, made with DaveEL's alpha 
>'avs2matroska' tool, which is not VfW based but using xvid.dll, 
>dynamically linked to it. Resolution will be 720 x 432 again, and the AR 
>flag in the matroska header set to 2.35 again ( 16:9 anamorphic ) ;  
>this will be a native MPEG4 mkv file for the first time, so i cna use 
>b-frames unlimited, without having to use packed bitstream or dummy 
>frames ( = lagging )
>- AAC 5.1 English ; track nr. #1
>- AAC 5.1 German ; track nr. #2            ; both AACs are made from the 
>AC3 on a PAL DVD, via BeSweet ( export to 5.1 AIFF ), resampled to 44.1 
>KHz using SSRC and then encoded to 5.1 AAC using the latest Nero 
> ; they sound excellent ( already on my HDD @home ;-) )
>- Ogg Vorbis commentators track , q = 0.001 , 48 kbps
>- UTF8 subtitles ( all downloaded from a Czech subtitles server, big 
>thanks to Gabest for the link ) :
>* French
>* Spanish
>* Portugese
>* Danish
>* Swedish
>* Finnish
>* Czech
>Unfortunately some of them were made for 23,97 fps originally, so i have 
>no idea yet how to make them match with my 25 fps PAL video, but i hope 
>to find a way somehow ...
You can just re-time it
timing for a 30sec-clip should be as easy as a joke
well, but there should be some tools to convert the sub speed

>Now here is my question to you both :
>Is there any chance to get japanese, korean or chinese language 
>subtitles for this movie, and if ever possible in 25 fps ? Main problem 
>is, i cant read the stuff ( naturally ;-) ), so i couldnt check if the 
>timing was correct .... can you help me here ? I hope there are 
>subtitles server in Japan also, and the European servers dont offer too 
>much Asian character stuff ;) ....
just send me the English version and the raw,
then i ll translate it by myself, into English
as for 25fps, you dont have to worry, because i can time it by myself
tho i do need the raw to do that

Unfortunately we have no Korean/Chinese translators

* French
* Spanish
* Portugese
* Danish
* Swedish
* Finnish
* Czech

all of these in your list are of W. Europe as Windows code page
if you want to show Matroska s power, how about adding Russian or Polish 
or Hungarian or Ukrainian?
I think my friends from these lang areas could help you :)


PS. I used this Matroska logo that i like best so far, for our webpage.

>@Mosu : what is missing in mplayer to be able to view a 'native' MPEG4 
>mkv file ? libavcodec should handle it fine ?
>@Cyrius : Any reason why VdubMod could screw up with such a high number 
>of streams ? did you test this before ?
>@Gabest :  vsfilter can switch between all these subs streams ?
>@menno : Would i run into problems telling the AAC were encoded with 
>latest Nero ? Dont think so, but just to be sure
>@DaveEL : Dont worry mate, the preparation of this file will take about 
>3 - 4 weeks i guess ! No pressure on you here ;) ....
>Thanks for helping me !! Lets make sure this sample file will kick ass 
>to show the world the power of matroska :-)  !!


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