[matroska-general] Matroska in the biggest PC magazine of Finland

Kimmo kimmo at poispakkoruotsi.com
Tue Jun 3 03:51:14 CEST 2003

The biggest computer magazine MikroBitti in Finland noticed Matroska in its
newest release 6-7/2003. So about 50 000 computer freaks know now about our
file format :)

"Matroska is an open standard based file format, which is now in test stage
after one and half year developing. Matroska isn't actually a compression
codec, but one pack which contains audio, video and subtitle informations.
With that a user can save all needed files for one movie to one simple file.
So one file is itself playable unlike most times now with AVI etc.

Mostly it has thought to replace AVI files and its flexibility makes it a
challenger even to Real Media and MPEG files. Matroska will be identified in
future by .mkv (video) and .mka (audio).

They promise that Matroska is very flexible, because it's based to EBML
(extensible binary meta language). Matroska makes possible to one decide
heselves the file size, then it's a good way saving e.g. PCM multichannel
audio files and even high resolution HDTV files, both which need much


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