[Matroska-general] My request for a contemporary suspension from Doom9 webforum

Christian HJ Wiesner chris at matroska.org
Tue Jul 29 23:21:29 CEST 2003


i just wanted to inform you that i was just chatting with Doom9 on IRC 
tonight, and he has agreed to put my account on suspension for about 2 
weeks ( well, kind of ) until i have cleared my mind about OGM and 
matroska. This measure was taken because i was asking him to do that, 
knowing myself, and seeing the damage i am causing to the project with 
my attitude recently.

It seems i can personally not accept that there is still work being done 
on the OGM container, it makes me go mad when i just think about it, but 
this is not the right situation to try explaining in detail why this is 
the case. However, as i am obviously unable to react in a sensible way 
if the topic OGM is being discussed,  i guess it will do me and the 
project only good if i wont post on Doom9 for a couple of weeks, to 
improve my attitude.

I am sure Pamel will be able to make the announcement of the 4th august 
release there for me, maybe by using some of the text i am preparing to 
be posted on other webforums where matroska is a topic already, same 
goes for some mailing lists i decided to make the release announcement 
on. I ask all team members who are reading on Doom9 to give the MKV 
users there the necessary support they need, we certainly won't give 
them the feeling nobody cares about their problems.

My special apologies go to DaveEL, he was hinting me more than once to 
the fact that the present situation is unbearable for him as an active 
Doom9 mod, and it seems i was unable to understand how serious this is 
for him. I hope he will accept my public apology and continue to 
contribute to the projectif he finds the time to do so.

Sorry guys for all the probs


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