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news :)

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Subject: 	Another Matroska Fansub release
Date: 	Sat, 19 Jul 2003 18:01:59 +0200
From: 	_YuSaKu_ <yusaku at despammed.com>
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I've writing to you because I would like to announce you that another anime
fansub release in Matroska has been released today on July the 19th by
Blitzkrieg Anime Fansub, an Italian fansub group.This is the link to the
official announce (in Italian, of course)

They haven't already update their website at
http://blitzkriegaf.altervista.org/ but the release can be picked from their
official IRC channe #blitzkrieg at irc.azzurra.org (most important Italian IRC
Network) or by Usenet; the file has been posted on alt.binaries.3d.mojowordl
(don't ask me why)

You and your team are working very well on this project and even acK.it
Fansub, the Italian group I'm member is really interested in Matroska and we
think we'll release something in MKV

Keep working like you did ;-)

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