[Matroska-general] Reply to Doom9.

Paul paul at msn.com
Sat Jul 12 00:17:34 CEST 2003

Just so that you are aware of what was said, here is a copy/paste of the

matroska advertising

It was suggested to me that I have a word with you on this subject. I
already spoke to Christian a while back and he partially got the message.
It's not so much about highjacking the "OGM isn't dead" thread (mostly posts
in the first and 2nd page of that thread are concerned). The thing is that
some people, regular members, moderators and myself sometime get the feeling
that some members of the Matroska team only hang here to advertise their
project, and there are those who do not particularly appreciate this. I'm an
engineer and not a PR guy. Hence, I do believe that a good product sells
itself. At least, amongst my readers it pretty much does. You'll probably
have a hard time finding a large group of more knowledgeable people in the
DVD backup area than at this very place. People are appreciative of new
technologies, and eager to try out new things. That's good, especially for
you, because it means you get a lot of feedback. But on the other hand,
those people are also well capable to make their own decisions about which
container they want to use. They should not be influenced by a constant
barrage about what format x can do better than format y (asking such
questions is forbidden and strikeable under the forum rules, and constantly
making those comparisons isn't appreciated either, and more than one
moderator has been on the verge of handing out strikes for the constant
advertising that is going on here).

So, I'm asking you to take it down a couple of notches. Most member here are
really very well capable to pick their own containers and do not have to be
reminded constantly of what container x offers that y does not and that's
the way it should be.




I do not believe that I "only hang here to advertise" or attempt to say
"what format x can do better than format y".  I do spend most of my time in
the New Format section, and comment on mostly those topics that interest me.
OGM has not interested me much because of the development has been so

My first comment in the "OGM isn't dead" thread obviously shows my support
in the continued development of OGM (aside from a labelled joke).  The next
was simply a misunderstanding as I thought Liisachan was asking if any
container supported SSA, instead of a request for someone to develop support
for it in OGM.  An in fact my reply was simply a copy/paste from somewhere
else to quickly answer the wrong question rather than open a new thread.
(Liisachan actually let me know of an error in it)

Once I had seen that I made a mistake, I made a comment on how to put SSA in
OGM.  I thought the error would be obvious, but having received this message
from you, I saw that I needed to remove my old message, and I did.

As I said before, I don't believe this message accurately portrays my
activities on the forum.  A search of the forums for my messages would
probably show maybe 2/3 of my posts being Matroska centric.  And that would
almost all be technical/process comments.  I would implore you to spend a
few minutes to search so that your impression of my might be made sure, good
or bad.

Regardless, seeing evil in oneself is much more difficult than seeing it in
others.  And with that understanding, I will try to be more cautious about
the threads that I mention Matroska, MKV, MKA, and MKS in.


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