[Matroska-general] OggDs

Christian HJ Wiesner chris at matroska.org
Thu Jul 10 11:11:15 CEST 2003

Steve Lhomme wrote:

>Simply because I don't want people to waste their energy starting fights on
>forums or IRC saying that A is better than B for various reasons. I'd prefer
>that all these fights would not happen. We do our thing, they do theirs. 
Yes, i fully agree here. Although i am a little sad that none of them is 
honest enough to tell the users the truth, that is that OGM will very 
likely die if the Xiph people wont adapt it for their Theora specs, and 
this is not going to happen IMHO, as i was pointing out here :


This is what i wrote :

"I should maybe not comment this thread here, but this is what i liked 
to say :

I personally see OGMs future as a supported format from Xiph, or not. I 
may be wrong here, but this is my opinion. Just think of what happens if 
libogg is no longer supported, and OGM become incompatible with oggfile, 
which is incorporating Theora and Ogg handling in general.

Monty has recently stated on #vorbis that IHO Tobias has done a great 
job to stick to the Ogg specs as close as possible, as far as he can 
tell. Maybe only the 'mapping' of the DivX codec had to change.

Now i bet every sum that Monty

- has no detailled insight how the VCM codec mapping is actually working 
in OGM
- doesnt know what a BITMAPINFOHEADER is, nor a VIDEOINFOHEADER
- has not really considered how such Windows centric structs can be 
generated on Linux, his preferred OS ( ask Mosu, he knows about it very 
well )
- will die a sudden and hard death, presumable from a heart attack, once 
he finds out that Tobias is fully depending on the information that 
DirectShow is giving the OggDS muxer filter ( again, BITMAPINFOHEADER 
and VIDEOINFOHEADER ) to be able to initialize the codec on playback

He maybe has a feeling that this is the case now, thats why he said the 
'codec mapping may change', but guys .... if he does change that, all 
your existing OGM may be supported for playback, but unevitable become 
out of spec for the future .....

Just my 2 cents, not here to start a flame war ( and i havent mentioned 
our stuff !! )


As robux4 said above, we should try to keep posts like this to the 
absolute minimum, to avoid that users get the impression we are out for 
the same kind of flaming and badmouthing that ( some ) Xiph members were 
undertaking with respect to us. Having said that, this doesnt change the 
actual situation where OGM is bound to die IMHO, especially if we keep 
on working as hard as we are doing to make matroska even better as it is 
today ....... we are just not allowed to say that in public, or better, 
its wiser if we keep our mouth shut.

I promise, my statement above will be the last of its kind, unless i 
find myself in a position where i have to defend myself and the project 
from obvious badmouthing.

Thanks for your cooperation on this matter folks


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