[Matroska-general] Re: Plans for a major matroska release

Christian HJ Wiesner chris at matroska.org
Wed Jul 9 05:53:18 CEST 2003

Liisachan wrote:

> I'm making a small clip around 60 secs, Soft SSA multi-sub, with more 
> than 10 different languages.
> (probably 15, at least 12)
> This test clip includes:
> 1. Hebrew Subs: a Right-to-Left language works fine in SSA in Matroksa
> 2. Karaoke effect: tested and works fine
> 3. not so conspicuous but, fade-out effect: {\fad}
> 4. SSA-ish "rich" typesetting (with colors, etc): for instance

Hebrew !!! Why didnt i think of that !! Where is avih to make the 
translation of mf's matrix reloaded sample to hebrew for us !!
avih, can you do that ? Here the link for the english source file : 
, its just 30 lines or so, no big deal, we need that as UTF8 .. Thanks !!

> > I would like to call this release 'Liisachan Release' , as she is 
> one of the two Ladies we have in the team, and her
> > great Guides and information pages about matroska are helping us a 
> lot  to get known in the anime scene, and their seem to be our biggest
> > supporters for the time being. We could call the next release the 
> 'Marlena release' and finally select the offiicial matroska logo then ?
> "Liisachan Release" would be honorable for me,
> but at the same time I must note this:
> Giving special treatments to someone just because she is a woman, is 
> potentially
> to discriminate against women in a way, not respecting their 
> personalities.
> I'd be happy if our web pages are useuful, and I'd be happy if it 
> brought honor to our works,
> but honestly, I don't want to get special treatments just because of 
> my gender or something.
> Thank you for understanding :)
> * Liisachan * 

Forgive me Liisachan, you know i am an old guy and from the old shool, i 
didnt intend to discriminate your efforts, anybody here will confirm you 
really earned this release with your great contribution to this project :) !

Best regards

BTW : Liisachan, here the pages to subscribe to the new Mailing lists, 
freelists.org will be down for a while it seems :


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