[matroska-general] Re: [hxdiscuss] Re: Playing RealVideo/RealAudio content from other containers

Christian HJ Wiesner chris at matroska.org
Tue Jul 1 10:33:28 CEST 2003

Christian HJ Wiesner wrote:

>Rob Lanphier wrote:
>>It's entirely possible and legal to have a Matroska file format for the
>>Helix DNA Client, Server, and Producer, and we would love to see that. 
>>What's not legal is to put RealAudio or RealVideo data in a Matroska
>>container. This is not a restriction that I'm personally wedded to.  Being the big,
>>stupid company that we are (<g>), it's something that would take a fair
>>amount of work for me to make the case we should allow this.  I'd be
>>happy to make that case if I had a clear understanding of what new
>>applications this would enable that aren't possible today.  Jory, could
>>you help describe what this would enable? Rob

i thought about this again, and it seems that creating an 'educational 
project' does really not help us here to make rv2mkv available in any 
form, as its clearly a license violation of the Real specs license. The 
problem here is not about distributing binaries, but it seems that even 
coding such a transmuxer could violate legislation in the US.

However, i have come up with a possible solution ( i hope ;-) ) :

You are certainly aware of the discussion thats going on on 
xine-devel at lists.sf.net, gstreamer-devel at lists.sf.net , 
uci-devel at lists.sf.net, mplayer-dev-eng at mplayerhq.hu and 
matroska-devel at freelists.org about the creation of new, powerful 
opensource codec and muxing API. In fact, this would be the solution to 
this problem ;) ....

Think of a Realmedia demuxer plugin, connecting to a common API 
interface, like UMI ( Alex' plans for a 'Universal Muxer Interface', to 
follow UCI later ). This piece of code cant do anything in itself, so it 
clearly doesnt violate the Real specs ( though i am NOT sure about the 
binaries, so 'educational' could become handy again ). However, if being 
linked to a matroska muxer plugin, using the very same API, it shall be 
possible for the user to connect the 2 ( using whatever app ) to 
transmux Real content into MKV container. Same is valid for playback, 
and in fact it would be arguable if a Real demuxer sourceDirectShow 
filter is breaking the license regulations of Real already, as the 
plugin in itself can do nothing without the framework its made for. Of 
course, when being used on DirectShow, in an app like Graphedit, it 
could be used to play RealMedia files, with a suitable decoder filter of 

What you think ? Should we reactivate Steve's Transor API draft  :D ???




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