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> I think so :)
> http://matroska.org

And i cant help but agree. Communication was always a key element in our
small team, and it helped a lot to finish the long and winding road of
creating our roadbook for the project itself, and in fact i feel pretty safe
now, believing we have been discussing many important aspects when designing
matroska, before we actually started working on it.

I cant help but get the feeling that this is not the case with our friends
from Xiph working on Theora right now. Monty is doing it completely behind
closed doors ( read the complaints from Theora fans on the theora MLs about
getting no info about its current status at all  here
http://article.gmane.org/gmane.comp.multimedia.ogg.theora.devel/300 ), with
only his ideas in mind it seems, and i would be very surprised if the
'product' he will finally present to the opensource world will meet with all

Interesting to see Dan B. Miller, the former CTO of ON2 and now actively
helping with Theora integration into Ogg, himself had no ideas or plans for
a Theora DirectShow filter ( Xiph people still neglect the 'market'
importance of Dshow filters, for whatever reason ), nor did he know that
there were Vorbis DShow filters ( he calls them 'WMP plugins' ) made from
Tobias, nor did he have any idea that Tobias is now a member of the Theora
development group ???? Strange, istn it ...

But, in the email here
http://article.gmane.org/gmane.comp.multimedia.ogg.theora.devel/310 he is

[quote="Dan B. Miller"]At this point, if someone wanted to develop encoders
or decoders that do NOT depend on Ogg as a
container would probably be best served by working with the old VP3 codebase
(available at

LOL !  Good old VfW interface ... hehehe

It will take Xiph people some time to understand the bussiness they are
going into now, and i guess in the end they will be pretty happy one day
that we made matroska, being a very powerful container for video capturing,
editing and storage, and that we also try to actively contribute to UCI to
have a free, opensource codec API to set the Xiph codecs on to. With the
help of great developers like Cyrius we will hopefully succedd to make UCI
be supported by many other important video encoding tools, like VdubMod,
Mencoder, Transcode, Gstreamer, etc.

Monty himself is obbviously still thinking in command lines with respect to
Theora. Thats nice for audio encoding purposes, but certainly not the way to
go if you want to reach a broad video encoding audience ;) ...



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