[matroska-general] Bad news : we somehow lost Java foundry categorization :-(

ChristianHJW christian.hj.wiesner at web.de
Wed Jan 29 14:05:34 CET 2003


i wanted to add EBML to the java foundry also and read the sf.net instructions about Trove categorization to achieve this. However, i couldnt find a specific category to select such that the project would automatically become a project in the java foundry ( i feel spyder's EBML code for java could be pretty helpful for some projects ).

So i decided to look up the categories that Steve chose for the matroska project, to know what i have to set. I also got no indication what was so specific about the things Steve chose to become a project of java foundry, but while i was there i made a few changes, but this were only additions to the existing categories ( i didnt change or remove any of Steves settings ).

Now the bad news : when i returned to matroska project page the java foundry logo was gone :-( :::

Do we have to go through a re-registering process now to become listed again ?



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