[matroska-general] KAR (MKR) file format

Steve Lhomme steve.lhomme at free.fr
Tue Jan 28 12:24:40 CET 2003

As the first valid matroska file produced (see CVS code) is a file containing
other files, it is very similar to a TAR file (hence the KAR name I use).

The only missing part that is (used) in TAR is the path, the owner/group and the
file attributes (read/write/execute, hidden, archive, and other meta data).

If anybody has knowledges on TAR and these kinds of format, ie a non-compressed
file containing other files, please tell us what is good to do in matroska. I
would really like to have a full feature replacement for TAR with the
flexibility of EBML :) Or maybe it should go in full-featured another project
(kar ?) that we could build the matroska attachements on.

One of the question I have is how to use access lists instead of the standard
UNIX Owner/Group/World system. Access lists are supposed to be more general
(with different groups of user), but maybe they are OS dependent.

Another question is how to keep the meta data from the filesystem as used on HFS
on Mac. Standard UNIX apps on OSX lose these valuable informations (and so your
file doesn't work as it used to be on recovery). I wonder if there should be a
"standard KAR" element for each kind of meta data (that would be translated
to/from the OS) or just a raw saving of the meta data in a different way
depending on the OS/filesystem. I tend to think the standard way is better, as
you can change of OS/filesystem without any problem.

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