[matroska-general] Re: Binary launch

Pamel Paul at msn.com
Fri Jan 24 23:35:47 CET 2003

"John Cannon" <spyder482 at yahoo.com> wrote
> The document will begin with a brief description of the
> format that should be easily understood by those who would be interested
> knowing what Matroska is.  As the document continues, it will describe the
> concepts, EBML, the container structure, advantages, disadvantages, and
> design goals of the format.  I think it would be of great use to us when
> release.  If we funnel all of the details and ideas into that document,
> people will have a place to turn to when they want to find out what
> Matroska is.

Yes, you start off with an intro that describes why Matroska is needed.
Then explain how Matroska fills those needs.  Next explain any benefits of
Matroska over other formats without getting technical.  Statements can have
links to the technical portion of the document to explain a feature more
in-depth.  Then explain the basic structure as related to XML/EBML, and
describe in detail each of the elements included in the specs page.

> Let's make a HUGE first impression.  If we release
> just a library that can do all of these things, the people may not get the
> point immediately.

If we release just a library, and not the tools to take advantage of the
features, then it an even bigger pickle.

> But if we make a massive effort to inform the users of
> what is capable in and what has been implemented in Matroska, we will
> succeed.

Crossposting accross web boards is generally looked down on, but if we post
the announcement of the release, and then information specificaly related to
that forum, then it should be good.

What are some forums that we will need to post on?



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