[matroska-general] Re: Binary launch

Christian HJ Wiesner christian.hj.wiesner at web.de
Fri Jan 24 07:30:03 CET 2003

John Cannon wrote:
> As I am not working on any major coding projects until closer to the release
> of libmatroska, I can take up a few small things if I need to.  I have been
> thinking of working on that document that explains Matroska.  I could work  ...
> .....in Matroska, we will surely
> succeed.  Now if any of you have ideas of things that should be included in
> this document, please relay them to me. :)
> Spyder


dont have much time to reply, but pls. do so. Ideas what to add will 
come once the draft is in our hands.



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