[matroska-general] Re: Binary launch

John Cannon spyder482 at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 24 05:22:41 CET 2003

As I am not working on any major coding projects until closer to the release
of libmatroska, I can take up a few small things if I need to.  I have been
thinking of working on that document that explains Matroska.  I could work
maybe 30 minutes at a time and have an initial draft before too long.  Any
information you think should be included, please forward to me.  Anything in
the old MLs that is of interest or special consideration(unique ideas, uses,
structures...).  The document will begin with a brief description of the
format that should be easily understood by those who would be interested in
knowing what Matroska is.  As the document continues, it will describe the
concepts, EBML, the container structure, advantages, disadvantages, and
design goals of the format.  I think it would be of great use to us when we
release.  If we funnel all of the details and ideas into that document, then
people will have a place to turn to when they want to find out what Matroska
is.  If they have questions, they can check the FAQ someone suggested.  The
author of the FAQ should work closely with me to integrate the questions
into the document and maybe derail some of the public onslaught that will
occur when we release a format with such radical ideas.  We determine the
future of this format.  Let's make a HUGE first impression.  If we release
just a library that can do all of these things, the people may not get the
point immediately.  But if we make a massive effort to inform the users of
what is capable in and what has been implemented in Matroska, we will surely
succeed.  Now if any of you have ideas of things that should be included in
this document, please relay them to me. :)



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