[matroska-general] Binary launch

Steve Lhomme steve.lhomme at free.fr
Wed Jan 22 09:53:29 CET 2003

Hi everyone,

I was thinking this morning about how the launch of libmatroska and possibly
some tools that works with it (hopefully the DirectShow filter). The more I work
on it (the EBML should be working well very soon, hopefully by the end of the
week, you can check my TODOs in the IRC log of yesterday), the more I think it's
a beta code rather than an alpha (the tools might be alpha BTW). That means that
a lot of people will want to try it, knowing that the format is stable now...
That means we'll have to be prepared to a lot of questions from people that have
no clue of what's going on with matroska.

In order to reduce the time we spend on forums or replying emails with 10 times
the same answer to the same question, I suggest we start a FAQ page on
matroska.org. Then we could redirect ppl to this page to check for their
questions there first (and we can continue making real work).

I think we can already create this page now and add questions we can think
about, or maybe make a sticky page on CC that we could update when needed (mmm,
only the original author could update it). If you can think of any question that
should go in the FAQ, please write it here or there, so that we have something
already full of answers for the beta launch.

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