[matroska-general] Re: matroska license

Steve Lhomme steve.lhomme at free.fr
Mon Jan 20 13:24:06 CET 2003


>why did you choose a GPL license for the matroska project on sourceforge.net ?

>Shouldnt we come back to the original statement here, being to create a
>special license to cover

>- specs ( BSD style, but copyrighted and with certain restrictions about
>format derivates )
>- libraries ( L-GPL type )
>- use of logos ?

>The GPL type we have chosen now may be misleading for companies interested
>in implementing matroska, either on their own or using our libs. I know you
>ment this license mainly for the libs, but cant this confuse people ?

Too bad you weren't with us on the Reunion Island as we already talked about it ;)

Actually the code is dual licensed, GPL and QPL.
- GPL because this way we are sure we are GPL compatible (can be integrated in
other GPL softwares)
- QPL because this one allows better control on fork of the work. Which is not
possible with GPL, BSD, etc. It's also better suited for commercial products.

What is dual licensing ?
The person that receives the code "chose" the license to apply to the code. So
if one modifies it is either covered by the GPL rules or QPL rules. If you chose
GPL then the new code published is GPL, otherwise it's QPL (and has to be
provided as a delta, ie patch).

I think this way we get the best of both worlds : GPL compatible and closed
business is still possible.

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