[matroska-general] Re: Guys, lets take it easy now with the Ogg/matroska comparison

Christian HJ Wiesner christian.hj.wiesner at web.de
Thu Jan 16 21:36:32 CET 2003

Steve Lhomme wrote:
> Hey ! Mfa replied again !
> ;)
> Anyway, He seem to be going round and round saying the same thing (that 
> I know).


please, i know you dont like rules and limitations at all, but pls. stop 
this now. If you reply again to Emmetts latest post, whatever you say, 
you will do serious damage to the project.

Its completely wrong to compare Ogg and matroska while we have nothing 
working to hold against. A finished spec doesnt mean anything for the 
normal user.




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