[matroska-general] Guys, lets take it easy now with the Ogg/matroska comparison

ChristianHJW christian.hj.wiesner at web.de
Wed Jan 15 11:57:06 CET 2003

Dear Team members,

the thread on Doom9 is getting out of hands (
http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?s=&postid=241822#post241822 ).

I have excellent contact with koepi for several months now, mostly over PM
on IRC, and he is very positive about our project. Its a clear sign if he is
posting such comments, people start to get being annoyed about all the
discussions backwards and forwards, Ogg or matroska, is OGM a real Ogg or
not, etc. pp.

As a matter of fact, me advertising the format on webboards has brought us
some attention and awareness, but no real contributors to be honest ( and
that was my main goal on this ). Paul ( Pamel ) and Moritz joined the core
team recently, but both will agree i guess, that it wasnt at all the fact to
read about matroska in threads on Doom9, or any other webboard, that made
them decide to contribute to it.

With Tobias joining XipH exactly the opposite to what i expected seems to be
happening, means people have more and more doubts if OGM will persist in its
current way, so maybe i was seeing things much too negative for our project
when the message arrived. I admit for some time i was a very demotivated,
because i felt the future of our project was at least endangered, fearing
about the acceptance for matroska from our potential users.

About the thread : Emmett was questioning the existence of matroska
publically, so we had to respond to this, what we did and we did very well i
guess. MfA, being a real Ogg container fan it seems, was asking why we
havent built matroska on top of Ogg, so we told him why this was no option
for us. Please, lets stop the talking and discussion now. We have everything
we need now to be able to build a 1st version of matroska creation tools,
for both Windows ( thanks to Suiryc's VdubMod ) and Linux ( thanks to
Moritz ), plus a quite well working Dshow parser skeleton ( thanks to Jan ).
It should be possible to start alpha testing in the small, well known circle
of alpha testers by end of february, on both webboards.

Lets surprise all the people out there now, who are doubting we ever will
make it !!  And be very very quiet until then ....


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Soon : www.corecodec.com

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