[matroska-general] New japanese help proposition

Steve Lhomme steve.lhomme at free.fr
Fri Feb 28 15:14:21 CET 2003

I've received a PM on CoreCodec.com :

"I've read about alpha-testing of Matroska on http://www.faireal.net/

I'm Japanese and live in Japan, using Win2k-JP.I encode some DVD's into XviD +
Vorbis, and currently using OGM.But current OggDSF has so many bugs so I was
searching for another Media container, and Matroska really interested me

What I can do are:
read and write C, C++, Java(a little)
encode movies
decode check
and ....?

I'm not sure whether Matroska's concept works well currently because of CPU
power, but I believe it's worth testing
I want to be a alpha-tester, how can I be?

Thank you."

"I also can translate Matroska project page into Japanese(though sometimes my
translation's not accurate), and started working on translating

Here is my reply :
"Hello jpny !

Thanx for the offer !

We do look for people using Unicode dependant OSes (like japanese or chinese
ones) that would be able to test our code and make necessary changes.

So your help is highly welcomed and appreciated.

Translating the website could also be interresting if you think other japanese
developpers (or more general users) would like/need it.

About the CPU power, there is a working version of VirtualModDub that can output
matroska files, and it's much faster than OGM

Things to do to integrate you in the team :
- get a Sourceforge account (if you don't have one already)
- give me your nickname there so that you can get write access to the CVS (I
hope you know how to use it)

How to discuss technical things :
- send an email to matroska-devel at freelists.org (you can subscribe from there)
- send a message to NNTP (newsgroup news.gmane.org)
gmane.comp.multimedia.matroska.devel (it will be sent to the mailing lis too and
vice versa)
- join us on IRC irc.corecodec.com on channel #matroska

You can reply to this message on the mailing list, so that other people can know
about you and help you :)"

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