[matroska-general] Re: Matroska in Adobe products / make Matroska a legal entity

Christian HJ Wiesner chris at matroska.org
Fri Feb 28 12:13:07 CET 2003


Steve Lhomme wrote:
> En réponse à Christian HJ Wiesner <chris at matroska.org>:
>>There is a problem with founding a company like Corecodec Inc. :
>>A company is allowed to raise money and make profit, and if we consider
>>founding matroska Inc. than everybody ( especially Xiph ) will shoot at
>>us pretty quickly, trying to make other people believe we are trying to
>>establish matroska as a standard now, to make money with it once it is
>>widely used.
> Well, AFAIK Xiph signs NDA even though they are a non-profit organisation. so
> the difference is very thin. They make business the same way as a company
> (selling a special version of their sources). The thing is that with a non
> profit org, we cannot develop all the things we want, the way we want.

for your understanding, being a non-profit organisation does *not* mean 
you are not allowed to sell goods or services, or to request money for 
them ! The only very important difference to a real company is ( AFAIK ) 
that you
- cant pay dividends to investors or founders. All the money raised in 
the organisation has to stay within. This makes it *very* unattractive 
for sponsors to participate in such an organisation .. lol
- cant sell the organisation itself to anybody, and this includes all 
stuff belonging to it ( can be houses, furniture, PCs, etc. ).

> My point of view on the future of our work, is that I'd like to get enough money
> to pay a few of us to continue develop and expand our scope of development (UCI,
> porting to other architectures, MPC work, VDubMod support of more Matroska
> eatures, I also have other multimedia projects in mind). But still making the
> sources available for free to use in open softwares (the QPL philosophy). I'm
> not sure a non profit org can do that... Even though that's exactly what
> Xiphophorus does.

Again, non-profit organisations *can* employ people and pay them 
salaries ! So, in principal we *could* employ you, Cyrius, Ludovic, 
Mosu, Frank, etc as developers to 'support' the spreading of matroska. 
We could also employ John Cannon as your secretary, writing your letters 
:P ....

>>I clearly vote for a non-profit organisation, such as an Association. 
>>Here in Germany we can even expect support for such a non-profit 
>>organisation from the government, if you can prove to them that you are
>>'serving the community' , like founding a medical service as a 
>>non-profit organisation, or the like.
> Well, yes, this could be a good/fair source of funding.

But admittedly it will be hard to convince the German government that 
writing a software is serving the community ;) ...

>>Unfortunately the name would then be
>>matroska e.V.
>>( e.V. = eingetragener Verein = registered association )
>>and i fear nobody else in the world than Germans will understand what 
>>form of an entity we are, and this may cause problems if any company 
>>would decide to support matroska in their products.
> I don't think it really matters. We could call it matroska.org a suffix won't
> hurt much.

If you think it doestn matter, and everybody agrees, i can try to find 
out in parallel to Ciler's investigations about founding the 
organisation in Germany.

>>I would consider to make the very same thing in France, that is to
>>matroska association
>>( association = French equivalent to non-profit organisation ? )
> Yes. We don't have to put Association in the name AFAIK.
>>Founding members could be
>>Steve LHomme
>>John Cannon ( only if he gets the MPEG muxer working :P )
>>Julien Coloos
>>Moritz Bunkus
>>Ludovic Vialle
>>Christian Wiesner
>>If anybody feels he wants to be in this list also, please reply here.
>>I could drive to Paris or Lyon easily to sign the foundation document if
>>necessary, although i dont know if this is required for all founding 
>>members. Can somebody sitting in France find out for us please, as Steve
>>and Cyrius are busy coding ? Ciler ? Oxy ?
> Or maybe Ludovic, is back in metropolitan France soon and will probably be
> unemployed for some time. We could all go to Toulouse (south of France) for the
> launch :) But well, he already runs CoreCodec Inc so maybe there would be a
> conflict of interrests (or blur).

Toulouse !! Nice !! Eating good fish and the like ! I was asking 
Blacksun today if he could maybe ask his GF to dig out some info for us, 
but he didnt reply ;)

>>My next thing to look at will be the protection of the matroska brand 
>>name and logos, to avoid any big company can simply steal our work and
>>market it ( they had to rewrite the code, thats all ... its problematic
>>to save the specs, as we dont have any things in there that could be 
>>patented, so anybody can 'ab'use them for his purposes ). 
> That's one part I'm not sure a non profit organisation can do.

Hmmm ... correct, that may be difficult. On the other hand, big 
non-profit organisations like the Red Cross do have their signs 
protected also, so it should be possible ?



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