[matroska-general] Re: Matroska in Adobe products / make Matroska a legal entity

Christian HJ Wiesner chris at matroska.org
Fri Feb 28 11:14:29 CET 2003

Steve Lhomme wrote:
> I just saw this news :
> http://linuxtoday.com/news_story.php3?ltsn=2003-02-27-008-26-NW-SW-DV
> Adobe uses Qt to develop a public software. That means they are aware of the
> QPl/GP> Since we use the same license, it's legally possible that someday Adobe will
> license libmatroska to us (to use in Adobe Premiere ?). That would be great.
> L dual license and how to ask for another license for closed-source 

Now that would be great, and we could maybe even raise some small funds 
to come up for the hosting cost of corecodec !!

> BTW, that makes me think that we have to settle a legal organisation that will
> collect founds and handle the licensing things around matroska. (library, logo,
> etc). Christian and myself have no possibility to do this in the short term. Do
> any of you feel confortable to do this ? We need a non profit organisation,
> where Christian myself and this third person (and maybe others) will be running
> the thing. I don't think the country where it will be settle is really
> important. We just need something cheap... Or maybe a small company run in
> Delaware (like CoreCodec) would do ?

There is a problem with founding a company like Corecodec Inc. :

A company is allowed to raise money and make profit, and if we consider 
founding matroska Inc. than everybody ( especially Xiph ) will shoot at 
us pretty quickly, trying to make other people believe we are trying to 
establish matroska as a standard now, to make money with it once it is 
widely used.

I clearly vote for a non-profit organisation, such as an Association. 
Here in Germany we can even expect support for such a non-profit 
organisation from the government, if you can prove to them that you are 
'serving the community' , like founding a medical service as a 
non-profit organisation, or the like.

Unfortunately the name would then be

matroska e.V.

( e.V. = eingetragener Verein = registered association )

and i fear nobody else in the world than Germans will understand what 
form of an entity we are, and this may cause problems if any company 
would decide to support matroska in their products.

I would consider to make the very same thing in France, that is to found

matroska association

( association = French equivalent to non-profit organisation ? )

Founding members could be

Steve LHomme
John Cannon ( only if he gets the MPEG muxer working :P )
Julien Coloos
Moritz Bunkus
Ludovic Vialle
Christian Wiesner

If anybody feels he wants to be in this list also, please reply here.

I could drive to Paris or Lyon easily to sign the foundation document if 
necessary, although i dont know if this is required for all founding 
members. Can somebody sitting in France find out for us please, as Steve 
and Cyrius are busy coding ? Ciler ? Oxy ?

My next thing to look at will be the protection of the matroska brand 
name and logos, to avoid any big company can simply steal our work and 
market it ( they had to rewrite the code, thats all ... its problematic 
to save the specs, as we dont have any things in there that could be 
patented, so anybody can 'ab'use them for his purposes ).

In fact i am digging into this further right now ....

Comments welcome, from anybody reading this list !!




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