[matroska-general] Re: Porting Matroska to C

Christian HJ Wiesner chris at matroska.org
Fri Feb 28 09:33:38 CET 2003

Hi Animesh, Hi Shelly !

Animesh wrote:
> Oh yes! i guess i forgot to do a reply all :( 
> anyways, to update u, we r in synch and i wud be
> sending him the first cut of code sometime today.. in
> the meantime he has been working on an extended api
> set.. 

Good to hear you guys have synced !

Hmmm ... extended API .... Hmmm .... please dont forget to consult 
Moritz 'mosu' Bunkus here if you plan to make any major changes to 
Steve's original C API, as he will be very likely the one using it for 
the 'official' mplayer patch ( he has one already, but using the C++ lib 
), same goes to Ronald 'BBB' Bultje for the gstreamer plugin ( he 
prefers a C lib also IIRC ).

> u may soon be expecting something in the cvs.. prolly 
> the first cut which wud do the reading of ebml.. 
> Animesh.

Good news ! Does that mean you already have a working C port on your HDD 
that can do the basic EBML stuff ? Now that would be great, and beyond 
all my wildest expectations !!

In any case folks, please hear my advice :

* use the mailing lists more !!! *    :grin:

Communication is a very very important factor in an opensource project, 
otherwise there is a high risk of precious work made double or people 
getting pissed because they feel they are not being taken serious.

Dont be afraid to use the lists if you feel there is something the other 
folks should know about, thats what they are here for. We are a small 
team and only very few people are subscribed to our lists, so we can use 
them as we like to, without having to fear the project looses credibility.

I'd be very pleased if you guys could join in our IRC channel also by 
time, simply use chatzilla ( comes with mozilla, www.mozilla.org ) and 
enter '/server irc.corecodec.com' and '/join #matroska' , or use mIRC ( 
www.mirc.com ). Many important discussions and decisions are being done 
on there, so you shouldnt miss it being there from time to time. If you 
are caught behind a firewall and cant use port 6667, drop me a line, we 
find a solution.



>>Shailesh L Mistry wrote
>>>Hi Animesh and Santiago,
>>>Animesh, please can you tell me what stage you are
>>>at and what I need to do
>>>on this project.


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