[matroska-general] Registration of the matroska project on Corecodec.org - everybody go there and register !!

Christian HJ Wiesner chris at matroska.org
Mon Feb 24 11:11:12 CET 2003

Hi all !!

A long awaited day is coming closer and closer, the official launch date 
of http://corecodec.org !! I guess most of you will now what it is and 
what its good for already, for all the others here is a short explanation :

Corecodec.org is an opensource platform and community, just like 
sourceforge.net, but dedicated for audio and video compression. The main 
goal is to offer a bit more than just hosting for the project, by 
improving the communication between the single projects hosted on 
cc.org, and by assisting the developers registering a project there, 
starting from help with webpage creation to logo's, licensing questions, 

sourceforge.net is a great institution, an uncountable number of 
projects is hosted on it and a lot of great software has been started 
there, like apache or phpBB. But due to the high number of registered 
projects its impossible for the project admins to keep an overview of 
what that individual projects are doing, leave alone to help them. 
sourceforge is great host, but thats it !

The idea behind corecodec.org is to offer much more than that, by 
forming a real community, dedicated for one specific field being audio 
and video compression. The founders will work hard to make it a real 
advantage for developers if they decide to have their projects being 
hosted on corecodec.org instead of sourceforge.

Its maybe worth mentioning that we are in steady contact with the FSF, 
the entity behind sourceforge, to win them for our ideas and maybe even 
to get a free hosting from them one day. This was already planned 
together with FSF Germany, but unfortunately was stopped by FSF USA due 
to some misinformation about Corecodec being forwarded to them by the 
project administrator of another opensource community.

Well, you may ask whats the deal for matroska ?

Steve and me have decided long ago that we will move the matroska 
project from sourceforge to Corecodec.org once they have their server up 
and running, all services are running stable and the hosting is secured. 
While the server is running stable now for quite some time already and 
Cyt0plas, the corecodec admin, has managed to install GForge on RedHat 
Linux and to implement a working user/shell handling based on mysql, we 
will slowly move the project.

I am asking all of you to register on corecodec.org now ( 
http://corecodec.org/account/register.php ) and to send me a short email 
with the nickname you have been chosen, so i can add you to the project 
developers list.

Important note !

Please be aware that we will NOT move the project to corecodec.org  over 
night ! We plan to use all CVS facilities from sourceforge for the next 
time, and to test the CVS functionality on the new server thoroughly 
before making a cut here, most probably in about 2 - 3 months from now.

On the other hand, there will be a couple of things we wont do on the 
sf.net shell anymore, like defining jobs. AS we can rely the gforge 
interface here fully i will start doing them as soon as everybody has 
registered on cc.org .

Sorry for the long email




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