[matroska-general] Matroska + MP4

Kimmo kimmo at poispakkoruotsi.com
Fri Feb 21 05:18:03 CET 2003

Found this from Doom9 forums and I'm interested what do you think about

Originally posted by ChristianHJW
>In fact, whats looking like a disadvantage at first sight could turn out to
be a major argument for any hardware
>company to adapt either OGM, MCF ( mf  ) or matroska in their players, as
all three have CRC32 as EDC
>coming with them while AVI has not, making it not very well suited for
mode2 form2 burning. Sure, we could use
>MP4 via XCD also, but this would deinitely be outside MP4 specs, so why at
all use a proprietary, IMHO inferior
>container if its main advantage, being to procude files compatible with an
industry standard, is not given anymore ??

Mode 2 Form 2 already has error detection so, in theory at least, the CRC32
in OGM and matroska is redundant. Personally I believe the future lies with
mp4 - with MovieDataAtom(s) written as Mode 2 Form 2 and everything else as
Mode 2 Form 1. Alternatively a new type of data reference URL/URN could be
used to refer to data that is present in Mode 2 Form 2 on the same disk as
the .mp4.

EDIT: It is feasible that a file can have more than one format. For example,
if we were clever enough, we could have a large matrovska file in Mode 2
Form 2 sectors (most of the CD) and a stub .mp4 file in the ordinary CDROM
filesystem. The .mp4 would contain only a MovieAtom and would refer to the
raw samplw data in the Mode 2 Form 2 segments. Ergo: both formats.
Everyone's happy (with a few MB more overhead) Perhaps we should continue
this discussion in another thread if there's more to be said.

There is enough weight behind mp4 to ensure that it will become a widespread
standard for stand-alone players. It would be nice to see mp4/CDROM done

I agree with you that it is very nice to see the Open Source / DivX scene
getting some recognition. Great things have happened in the last year or so.


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