[matroska-general] Re: To the new Team members of Matroska

Christian HJ Wiesner chris at matroska.org
Wed Feb 19 15:25:53 CET 2003

d669 wrote:

> Hi Christian,  
> In reply to your request of a meeting for the logo I hereby react to it. 
> The best date for a meeting would be tommorow, thursday 20-02-03. I live 
> in the Netherlands and a good time would be about 20:00 on the IRC. 
> Please let me know if this time is ok with you.

Sounds fine to me !! Maybe i will be able to join a little later, as 8 
PM is usually the time when i bring my son to bed. Thursday is good as 
my regulations from my government ( wife :D ) will not allow me to 
access my PC before 10 PM on mondays, wednesdays and fridays ... lol !

> I had placed a link in my previous mail to my design of the logo: 

David, we had a look at your logo and we found it had to be improved in 
many aspects, as it was looking a bit 'old-fashioned' to us, a bit like 
60s style. The idea with the 'container' boxes was good, but not refined 
enough IMHO.

> I still would have liked a personal reply. Have I joint the team now or 
 > not?
> Hope to hear from you soon,
> David

David, we are happy about every help we get and if you are interested to 
join our team you are gladly welcome. Please note that we had a couple 
of replies about help for logo design as a result of our last job 
posting on sourceforge, and yours seems to be one of the few who were 
really interested to help us, and were not trying to make bussiness by 
offering us paid services ( this sucks, all these assholes should know 
what sourceforge is, its a place for free software development and not 
one to offer paid services to members of open source projects ).

Currently there is our new team member Rath0 working on a matroska logo 
and website design since more than one week now, and his first drafts 
were looking very good to us. I know i have a link handy at home, but 
not here, sorry :( .

In any case, we still have more than work enough to do for a webdesigner 
or logo designer wanting to help us :

Make a MPC logo/icon  ( http://corecodec.org/projects/mpc )
Make a USF logo/icon  ( http://corecodec.org/projects/usf )
Make a EBML logo/icon ( http://ebml.sf.net )
make a UCI logo/icon ( http://uci.sf.net , a related project, not in our 
charge )
create webpage design for all projects mentioned above, except MPC ( 
phase is doing that already, check http://www.musepack-source.de , but 
note this is the old design )

I dont think it makes sense that we have 2 people working on the 
matroska logo, and as Rath0 does a wonderful job so far i wouldnt want 
to change a winning team.

But again, look at the list of things that had to be done and you will 
certainly understand that your help was needed badly, as we cant handle 
this all alone. Looking forward to meet you tonight on IRC !

Best regards


BTW : i always copy the mailing lists with such messages, as it saves a 
lot of time if i dont have to explain to the other team members who you 
are and why you are here ;) ... this is NOT ment to be impersonal at all


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