Steve Lhomme steve.lhomme at free.fr
Wed Feb 19 09:32:01 CET 2003

En réponse à Pamel <Paul at msn.com>:

> On this same line of thinking, there was this site posted on Slashdot a
> few
> days ago.  http://graphics.cs.uni-sb.de/NMM/
> I wasn't able to tell how closely related to the Matroska project it
> would
> be because it only has really dumbed down descriptions, and then the
> specs.
> If someone could give a quick description of if this could be used to
> benefit the Matroska project, I would be very appriciative.

I think it's a project to be able to send any multimedia content on the network
(local or wide). This is very network oriented and little multimedia oriented.
I'm not sure there can be any direct link with matroska. Maybe the same that
could exist between VideoLAN and matroska.

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