[matroska-general] Re: VideoLAN Client

Christian HJ Wiesner chris at wiesneronline.net
Tue Feb 18 17:03:35 CET 2003

Steve Lhomme wrote :

 > Is this what is called FUD ?
 > http://www.videolan.org/vlc/features.html
 > "Video Codecs

>Tarkin 	Yes 	Yes 	Yes 	Yes 	Yes 	No
>Theora 	Yes 	Yes 	Yes 	Yes 	Yes 	No"

It certainly could be true with respect to Theora ( the codec ), but of 
course not true about Ogg Theora ( the framework ). And for Tarkin, 
AFAIK this is absolutely impossible as there are no working en/decoder 
as of yet. My last piece of information about Tarkin was that its 
capable of compressing single frames, with pretty good results, but the 
whole 3D wavelet compression stuff was missing, and maybe even will 
never be finished at all :-( ..... i guess nicolas could tell us more ?

 >Anyway, I hope they'll soon have matroska in "File/stream formats" :D

Actually, i was planning to contact them as soon as Moritz' or Cyrius muxers are working and we have working test files ... i hope they are not insisting on a C library or C API also ?




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