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Animesh Srivastava animesh.srivastava at blr.techspan.com
Tue Feb 18 13:59:44 CET 2003

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> - a library that reads and decods EBML elements
> - then do the Matroska element decoding
> - code some EBML writing suppport
> - and at last the creation of Matroska elements

	Few things,
. Do we have any test (dummy) Matroska files (against which one may test the
reading of EBML elements/Matroska headers)
. Or do we have any utility which would write Matroska files with known
. Or any test code which loads the existing libmatroska and uses it in
reading (or writing) Matroska files?

A dummy Matroska file, or any tool/code which can create one such file would
really be helpful.. 

> One thing is really important: the library MUST NOT do its own file
> handling! The current implementation does not do it either - well it
> does somehow, but it uses an object derived from IOCallback so that the
> user can implement his own file handling...

Sounds good :)
 - Animesh.

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