[matroska-general] www.matroska.org

Steve Lhomme steve.lhomme at free.fr
Tue Feb 18 10:01:36 CET 2003


I've seen that many people use the http://matroska.org/ name when giving a
matroska URL. The problem is that this URL has to last for a long time. And if
we later need to get a mail server, NNTP server or whatever under the name
matroska.org, it will have to be all on the same machine ! (unless you hack the
network and redirect traffic based on the port used).

That's why it would be better to use http://www.matroska.og/ which means that we
have the option to have only the webserver on one machine. For the mail it could
be smtp.matroska.org or pop.matroska.org, for IRC irc.matroska.org. Some of them
could be share with CoreCodec.


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