[matroska-general] Re: Message to the C porting team

Animesh Srivastava animesh.srivastava at blr.techspan.com
Mon Feb 17 18:52:17 CET 2003

Thats Great.. !! Welcome to the team. :)

Having downloaded the code, I am pretty sure you must have been able to do a
quick make of it. Just have a look at the src code,.. we have the EBML
classes which form the base and then there are stuffs which use it.. Let me
know wat according to you would be the best way to port it to C - we have
options, we can either write a C wrapper around the existing code,.. or we
can do it clean.. fresh code in C.. ofcourse, it will take some time
though.. But if we coordinate judiciously we should be able to get it done
within a time frame which would keep the mplayer ppl happy... 

Let me know what do you think after having a prelim look at the code.. we
need to get goin.. and I would hate myself if we disappoint Chris..

Any problems anytime..?. pls do NOT hesisate to ping.. 
- Animesh.

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Subject: Re: [matroska-general] Message to the C porting team

Hi Animesh,

>while Sailesh has not been able to get in touch with me or santiago,..

Apologies for not getting in touch, I misread the last email from Christian,
I was waiting for your email to tell me what needs doing first. I have been
in touch with Christian just to say that I could not access the old email
archive but I am starting to work my way through them now via the news

As for my C, I have been doing C commercially for the last 6 years, with
another 8 years previously in academia so just say the word and we can jump
in on the coding. I have downloaded the latest source but I am unsure what
parts (or is it all) that needs converting to C?

I look forward to working with you all.


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