[matroska-general] Re: Message to the C porting team

Christian HJ Wiesner chris at wiesneronline.net
Mon Feb 17 18:49:24 CET 2003

Shailesh L Mistry wrote:

>Hi Animesh,
>>while Sailesh has not been able to get in touch with me or santiago,..
>Apologies for not getting in touch, I misread the last email from Christian,
>I was waiting for your email to tell me what needs doing first. I have been
>in touch with Christian just to say that I could not access the old email
>archive but I am starting to work my way through them now via the news
>As for my C, I have been doing C commercially for the last 6 years, with
>another 8 years previously in academia so just say the word and we can jump
>in on the coding. I have downloaded the latest source but I am unsure what
>parts (or is it all) that needs converting to C?
>I look forward to working with you all.

Hi Shelly !!

Great to hear you could help us here, its an exciting phase we are in, 
there are improvements done almost every day, and i never would have 
believed we get working muxing tools for Linux almost the same time as 
we do for Windows. Mosu is a wizzard, and he has proven this by making 
the lib compile even on older GCC versions in world record time, and 
creating a basic muxer tool based on it pretty fast !

Mosu, could you please take the time now to tell the C porting team

- what the best solution would be
   * complete C port
   * C wrapper
   * basic C API

and what parts of the current libmatroska you needed first to get a 
mplayer plugin on the way ?

Shelly, please contact Animesh directly, as he will be the coordinator 
and project leader for the porting job ( he was first :P ! ). Hopefully 
after mosu tells us what to do you both can start cooperating, based on 
Ainmesh' work.

BTW, about a timeline for the porting : everything being within 8 weeks 
from now would be fine for me ! Other opinions welcome ...



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