[matroska-general] Re: Message to the C porting team

Animesh Srivastava animesh.srivastava at blr.techspan.com
Mon Feb 17 16:00:54 CET 2003

Hi Chris, 
	Sorry for not being able to ping you earlier.. Well, the status so
far is not very encouraging,.. while Sailesh has not been able to get in
touch with me or santiago,.. I did recieve a couple of mails from Santiago..
his other committments are at the moment pulling him a bit too far to allow
him to contribute any efforts towards this.. at the same time, I guess he
has mentioned that Java being his core competency, it might just take a
little while for him to get going in C.. i understand that its a voluntary
help, ppl have committments and i always try to keep this in mind while

I do realize the importance of the library, and I have been following
closely the discussions on the mailing lists, - the website too mentioned
the "impending" need of C library.. at the same time was trying to recode
everything clean in C.. The way I was approachin it was fundamental - went
thru the ebml specs of ours, and the wap ppl.. got the differences and
fundamentals clear.. code EBML first.. and then see if porting other things
in lib is also required by them.. 

Anyways,.. now that this impending is becoming really **immediate**,. let me
put a simple question.. wat is the first cut of code you would like to have?
wat functionalities it shud support? I mean, wat wud be the bare minimum
which those guys need at the earliest? It might seem strange at this time,
but I wud like to let u know that the answer to this wud help me a long way
in prioritising the work and get it done ASAP. What is the least that will
satisfy the mplayer ppl, and by wat earliest time we need it? 

Okay, at the same time,.. one more thing.. a C wrapper over a C++ lib would
do for them? but not a C++ lib,.. Why? I didnt get the point, (though it is
_not_ necessary to spend time and effort explaining me about that right now,
with so many things pushing around at such pace,.. but sometime in future if
u have time, I would be glad if you or someone else could explain the
reservations they have about using a C++ lib.. It might be pretty obvious to
some but pardon my limited understanding and do take pains to explain me
that..) For the time being, just let me know the bare minimum functionality
and by wen we need it... i will try my best to get it thru.. or let u know
if i realise that doing that within the given time frame is beyond the best
of my capabilities.. so that we can pool in some ppl and get it done.. 

- Animesh.
Hope u wont mind my using that salutation "Chris"... :)

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Subject: [matroska-general] Message to the C porting team

Hi animesh, hi Santiago, hi shailesh !

Sorry to send another email to you guys, you might feel set under 
pressure meanwhile i guess, i hope you dont get me wrong here as this is 
certainly not my intention, not at all.

There is one big problem though with the task you guys have been 
offering to look at :

WE NEED THAT C LIBRARY DESPERATELY !!   The mplayer people have made 
clear to us that they dont want to distribute C++ sources with their 
player package, and mplayer is currently the most important player for 
the Linux world. Moritz 'mosu' Bunkus ( see cc. ) has a first version of 
a Linux muxer functional already, so in principal we could start to mux 
AVIs and MP3/Vorbis audio into matroska files right now on Linux, but we 
cant play them yet :-( ! Mosu can make a mplayer plugin once we have the 
C library or at least a C API.

Of course, we would prefer a solution with a complete port of the lib 
from C++ to C, because this was a 'clean' solution. On the other hand, 
if it helped to get mplayer ( or Xine ) support quickly, a C API or a C 
wrapper was just fine as well ! I dont know what the current status with 
you guys is right now, if you had the chance already to look at the 
sources, and even did some work, if you are keeping up communication 
between you, etc.

But please understand it is such an essential task for us, it is 
necessary that we get a kind of feedback from you if you are on the case 
or not, and what your current status is. Please guys, i'd like to 
receive an email from any of you about what your actual plans are, and 
if you think you can contribute to this, or if you dont find the time or 
are not interested anymore. Note that there are a couple of other 
interesting tasks pending as well, that have a lower priority for us, 
and such may be the ideal thing for you if you cant contribute to 
matroska on a regular basis.

I sincerely hope i could successfully explain to you how delicate this C 
porting job is for us, and why we need to get a first status report from 
you guys about the feasibility from your side. In any case we are glad 
to have you in the team, and we are looking forward to working with you 
on our beloved project.

Best regards



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