[matroska-general] Blu-Ray disc Logo use

Steve Lhomme steve.lhomme at free.fr
Fri Feb 14 14:46:43 CET 2003

Here is the license fee for use of the logo and the format Blu-Ray :


It is related to matroska because we want to have a similar system for matroska
parsers/players. The specs will always be available for free, but to use the
logo (RathO has started a very promising work on that) that will say the product
is compliant with one of the profiles of the specs, they will have to pass some
tests and ask us about it.

The policy would be that any free/open implementation should get the logo for
free (provided it passes the tests) and commercial/closed implementations should
pay a fee (amount undefined). The money will be used to cover our costs : legal
protection, hosting, developping some special versions, expanding the project
scope, etc.

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