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  Hi all,

  all of you that are copied on this email have been adressing us recently about joining our team. Our team members are currently

  Steve 'robux4' LHomme ; chief developer and project admin
  John 'spyder' Cannon ; Java wizzard and main contributor
  Jean 'Cyrius' Colon ; VirtualdubMod and matroskadub developer
  Jan 'myFUN/kromyx' Schlenker ; matroska DShow parser developer
  Frank Klemm ; MPC ( musepack ) developer, a high quality audio codec
  Paul 'Pamel' Bryson ; XML consultant, PR assistant
  Jory 'jcsston' ; VB developer, GUI creator
  Moritz 'mosu' Bunkus ; developer of the OGM merge tools, mplayer developer
  Christian 'HJ' Wiesner ; General helper, Content writer, PR , project admin

  Contributors are ( some more, some less :) ):

  Ludovic 'Blacksun' Vialle ; Developer of 'The Core Media Player' , DirectShow consultant
  Dan 'Betaboy' Marlin ; Corecodec Community Leader ( soon our host )
  Tobias 'Belgabor' Minich ; VirtualdubMod project admin
  'raghav' Ragavendran ; MPC2matroska.exe
  Radek 'sysKin' ; XviD developer
  Milan Cutka ; developer of ffdshow DShow filter
  Ronald 'BBB' Bultje ; Gstreamer developer

  Please allow me to welcome you all in the name of the matroska team members and the administrators. We are a very small team and the last 2 years were not easy for us, as we were using another approach to making matroska than its normally happening in the opensource world. Instead of just releasing some basic code and then to evaluate from there we wanted to

  - get as many input as possible from all the wise people in multimedia out there
  - make a proper spec and document it properly in a doxygen Format
  - start coding the library and the tools

  As you may imagine its hard to do it that way, as people are normally not at all interested in something they cant get their hands on yet. Most projects in multimedia opensource development are driven by making crazy patches quickly, so that new functionalities are added and can be used instantaneously. Of course, doing it that way is a very risky thing as you may find yourself in a situation soon where you have to make 'hacks' to achieve certain things. We wanted to avoid this by all means, so we took the long, winding road of trying to motivate people to look at what we have, listen to their comments and suggestions and improve from there.

  The main input on the specs as you find them today have been done from those people :

  Lasse 'Tronic' Karkainen ; Founder of TMF that evolved into MCF, our 'sister' project ( http://mcf.sf.net ) ; matroska was born in a project fork from MCF as lasse couldnt not identify with the EBML specs Steve did
  Ingo Ralf Blum ; Developer of the MediaXW framework, DirectShow wizzard
  Frank Klemm ; see above
  Alex 'Foogod' Stewart ; project admin of UCI, the Universal Codec Interface, one of the backbones of matroska and MCF ( http://uci.sf.net )
  Alban 'albeu' Bedel ; mplayer developer
  ( I hope i didnt miss anybody :)  )

  Thare a few

There are a number of things on our to-do list now :

1. Move the complete project from sourceforge.net to the new corecodec.org opensource platform, being dedicated for audio and video compression. Other projects to be hosted there ( to start with ) will be :
- MPC ( musepack ) audio codec
- USF : Universal Subtitle Format
- WARP : a new, wavelet based video codec, offering a lossless mode also
- COREYUV : a lossless video codec project based on HuffYuv, but with a few goodies added
and hopefully many many more

This moving is the main reason why i dont start to create specific jobs on sourceforge.net as of now, as i would have to redo it all for the new project on corecodec.

2. Overwork our webpage :

John 'spyder' Cannon is currently writing up a document that is aiming to explain a few things about matroska, for the technically interested user. In addition to that we want to add the follwoing pages :

- matroska Team ( contact details )
- supported codecs ( plans, actual status, ongoing development )
- software supporting matroska ( links, status, ongoing development )
- Codec ID list ( specs addition ? )
- technical explanation of UCI, EBML, USF, etc.
- webdesign of homepage
- link to forums and description of Corecodec and its mission

3. Create a logo :

As i was posting already on the job proposal on sourceforge, our current idea is to bind the Russian dolls into the logo, as they ( in one way or another ) were the name givers. It will be necessary to meet on our IRC channel ( irc.corecodec.com #matroska ) soon to discuss what we might wonna do here. All the guys interested should give me a shout, so we can find a date when to mee there

4. Start to develop tools :

- matroskadub ( VirtualdubMod ), Windows : assigned to Cyrius and Belgabor, Cyrius told me he is pretty close to be able to mux first video and audio streams into our container, so we could upload some test files

- matroska DShow parser, Windows : myFUN is already working on it, he said he plans to completely rewrite it 8) !!

- file repair tool ( Windows, Linux, MacOS ) : thana wanted to look at this in abut 2 weeks, spyder will be the project coordinator. The tool should be able to repair and optimize matroska files, as well as prepare it for mode2 form2 burning ( adding additional EDC/ECC elements )

- port EBML and matroska code to C : animesh has already loaded the sources, santiago wanted to help him ; lets see what they come up with

- Muxing tool for Linux : Moritz Bunkus will look at that once the lib has either a C API or is ported to C

- mplayer playback patch : Moritz also :) !

- gstreamer plugin, Linux : I will contact Ronald BBB Bultje again on that

- HTTP/RTP streaming server : How Tam is da man ;) ; robux4 to assist

( useful links :  http://article.gmane.org/gmane.comp.video.mcf.devel/550 ; http://article.gmane.org/gmane.comp.video.mcf.devel/556 ; http://www.rtsp.org/ ; http://article.gmane.org/gmane.comp.video.mcf.devel/578 ; http://article.gmane.org/gmane.comp.video.mcf.devel/617 ; http://article.gmane.org/gmane.comp.video.mcf.devel/630 ; 

- porting EBML and matroska to Java : noone assigned yet ; spyder has some existing code, but its not tested nor uploaded

- JMF parser : spyder would be the man to do it for sure, as he had the most JMF experience, maybe assisted by thana one day ?

All these jobs will be created on the GForge interface once we have moved to the Corecodec server, but for now please use the list as created here.

5. Alpha Testing phase on http://corecodec.com and http://virtualdub.everwicked.com : my job ;)

6. Release Beta tools : cant wait until we will finally be there, and it could happen pretty soon, at least for Windows ...

Some important remarks :

- team email adresses : Animesh, Santiago and How Tam have already got new team email adresses with the  @matroska.org TLD. All the others, pls. drop me a short email if you want this also and what email adress you want me to use for forwarding ( we dont have a pop3 for that, but use zonedit email forwarding ). In case you want to send email with that adress and dont have a relay to use, tell me.

- IRC channel : please visit our IRC channel on irc.corecodec.com , during the European evening/night hours if possible. We discuss a lot of important stuff there, so you shouldnt miss it to be there from time to time

- Mailing lists : Its important that you follow the 3 mailing lists we have if you wnat to be up-to-date : These are NOT on sourceforge, but on http://freelists.org , subscribe to matroska-devel <at >freelists.org ; matroska-general <at> freelists.org ; matroska-cvs <at> freelists.org ; Alternatively you may use the NNTP interface on gmane.org ( news://news.gmane.org ) and follow the lists there , gmane.comp.multimedia.matroska.xxx 

Again, a warm and friendly welcome from the matroska team to all of you !! We hope you still want to help us and become team members, ow as you know a bit more about our plans and goals, as well about the way we are working.

Looking forward to meet you soon on IRC

Best regards



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