[matroska-general] To the new Team members of Matroska

Christian HJ Wiesner christian at matroska.org
Thu Feb 13 12:27:50 CET 2003

Hi all,

all of you that are copied on this email have been adressing us recently about joining our team. Our team members are currently

Steve 'robux4' LHomme ; chief developer and project admin
John 'spyder' Cannon ; Java wizzard and main contributor
Jean 'Cyrius' Colon ; VirtualdubMod and matroskadub developer
Jan 'myFUN/kromyx' Schlenker ; matroska DShow parser developer
Frank Klemm ; MPC ( musepack ) developer, a high quality audio codec
Paul 'Pamel' Bryson ; XML consultant, PR assistant
Jory 'jcsston' ; VB developer, GUI creator
Moritz 'mosu' Bunkus ; developer of the OGM merge tools, mplayer developer
Christian 'HJ' Wiesner ; General helper, Content writer, PR , project admin

Contributors are ( some more, some less :) ):

Ludovic 'Blacksun' Vialle ; Developer of 'The Core Media Player' , DirectShow consultant
Dan 'Betaboy' Marlin ; Corecodec Community Leader ( soon our host )
'raghav' Ragavendran ; MPC2matroska.exe
Radek 'sysKin' ; XviD developer
Milan Cutka ; developer of ffdshow DShow filter
Ronald 'BBB' Bultje ; Gstreamer developer

Please allow me to welcome you all in the name of the matroska team members and the administrators. We are a very small team and the last 2 years were not easy for us, as we were using another approach to making matroska than its normally happening in the opensource world. Instead of just releasing some basic code and then to evaluate from there we wanted to

- get as many input as possible from all the wise people in multimedia out there
- make a proper spec and document it properly in a doxygen Format
- start coding the library and the tools

As you may imagine its hard to do it that way, as people are normally not at all interested in something they cant get their hands on yet. Most projects in multimedia opensource development are driven by making crazy patches quickly, so that new functionalities are added and can be used instantaneously. Of course, doing it that way is a very risky thing as you may find yourself in a situation soon where you have to make 'hacks' to achieve certain things. We wanted to avoid this by all means, so we took the long, winding road of trying to motivate people to look at what we have, listen to their comments and suggestions and improve from there.

The main input on the specs as you find them today have been done from those people :

Lasse 'Tronic' Karkainen ; Founder of TMF that evolved into MCF, our 'sister' project ( http://mcf.sf.net ) ; matroska was born in a project fork from MCF as lasse couldnt not identify with the EBML specs Steve did
Ingo Ralf Blum ; Developer of the MediaXW framework, DirectShow wizzard
Frank Klemm ; see above
Alex 'Foogod' Stewart ; project admin of UCI, the Universal Codec Interface, one of the backbones of matroska and MCF ( http://uci.sf.net )
Alban 'albeu' Bedel ; mplayer developer
( I hope i didnt miss anybody :)  )

Thare a few


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