[matroska-general] Re: Nullsoft Video

Christian HJ Wiesner christian at matroska.org
Wed Feb 12 23:44:31 CET 2003

Mike Melanson wrote:
> Hi,
> 	Nullsoft, the company behind Winamp, has developed a new
> multimedia container format called NSV:
>   http://www.nullsoft.com/nsv/
>  There is some conjecture that the
> format might be scrambled a little, as Nullsoft is owned by AOL. The
> latter may have an interest in protecting digitally-distributed content.

Yes, i have been watching this container for quite some time, a in a 
certain way they are trying to do something similar as Xiph people plan 
to do with Theora, of course with a different audio codec.

But with the bad docs available its clear to me that they are not 
interested in having playback support on other players than their stupid 
winamp 3 ....



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