[matroska-general] Re: file check/repair tool

thana thanatos666 at gmx.net
Wed Feb 12 16:32:57 CET 2003

well, thanks for the input guys..

i think the best way to decide which language i will choose, is to actually
look at the code from both existing implementations.. after that i'll have a
better understanding of the required skills for both tasks, and see which
one fits me best :)

the code from libmatroska can be retrieved by cvs, right? i'll create a sf
account later on today and let you now my nick so that you can add me to the
developer list.. what ide and compiler do you recommend for c++? i'm quite
familiar with visual studio 6..

how can i get the code for the java-ebml implementation? spyder, can you
please mail it to me? also, which ide do you prefer for java? i've worked
with jbuilder, but i think it's most useful for web-apps and not standalone

also, please don't expect too much from me for the next 2 weeks, as i'm
still working 9h/day at the moment, and i'm also changing my residence very



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