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Wed Feb 12 13:40:20 CET 2003

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Subject: [matroska-general] Re: file check/repair tool
> I have nothing against java, but the problem is that most people won't
like to
> need a JVM to run an application (how many here have a JVM installed on
> machine ?). But the main problem I see (after most current OS ship with a
> is that there is no libmatroska code existing for java for the moment. So
> won't be able to build your tool on existing classes.

Not true ! Spyder has a very good basis of EBML code existing for Java
already IIRC, and i will definitely want to urge him to finihs that once he
has completed the technical doc he is working on right now. A good java
support for matroska is something i liked to see a lot for these very
reasons :

- spyder's java based MCF implementation was a perfect way to find holes in
the docs or in libmcf, when we x-checked the files created with one of the
other. If we had the same for matroska we could use that to prove
libmatroska is free of errors, and the docs are clear in any case.
- many webbased tools today are basing on java, and i can see a use for
matroska for webbased apps also
- a tool for general use, such as the file repair tool we need, could be
used on almost any platform if its based on Java
- EBML needs a working java implementation if it wanted to take off for
purposes outside of matroska .... i guess this was our aim when founding it
as a separate project on sourceforge ?

> My opinion on this tool is that it could be command line application, that
> come with a GUI or in a library form (the core of the tool) to be used by
> apps (java GUI, VB GUI, TCMP plugin, etc). And so far there is only C++
> existing to parse matroska file. It's up to you to decide which way you
want to
> go :)

I dont agree ;-) ! It should be our decision as the team leaders how the
tools should be developed. Thana was offering us to join the team as an
active member, so this is much different to somebody wokring on his own,
outside the team, doing his own things.

I'd like to hear the opinion of the other team members here also. spyder ?
myFUN ? Cyrius ? Pamel ? Jory ? The new team members ? Any comments ?

Best regards



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