[matroska-general] Re: file check/repair tool

Steve Lhomme steve.lhomme at free.fr
Wed Feb 12 14:50:39 CET 2003

En réponse à thana <thanatos666 at gmx.net>:

> yeah, a scary name for a scary person ;)
> no, honestly, please call me short 'thana'

No problem, thana :)

> yes i know that's a problem (but i think at least MacOSX ships with
> integrated java-support).

Yes, MacOSX ships with the Sun JVM (although the 1.4 version is not finished and
make some tools of the OS not work for me). 

> from what i've read here on the mailinglist i thought that at least a
> working ebml-parser in java is existing. so wouldn't it be possible to

Yes, only spyder probably made/used it. So you might contact him for the state
of the code.

> build
> the tool with that parser, as it only would need to read/write the
> ecc/edc
> elements? ok, for block reordering/index rebuilding this might not
> work..
> maybe i could also work on the matroska parser in jmf, i don't kow how
> difficult it is, as i don't have experience with the jmf so far..
> but maybe the ebml-parser could serve as a good starting point..

Spyder could probably help you with JMF, at least to share what he learned from JMF.

> as i think of it, c++ might be a better alternative.. the only concern
> i
> have here is cross-platform compatibility, as i know this requirement
> is
> listed high on your list.. i don't have much experience with linux

Yes. C++ is compatible with other apps as long as you use the same compiler :)
You can compile your code everywhere (the libmatroska shouldn't have any
portability issue). But you can't mix the library with other compilers (unless
you use large library like DCOM or CORBA).

In linux the problem doesn't really exist, because the compiler is somehow part
of the OS, and almost all the time GCC (better to use 3.x for libmatroska). The
Intel compiler on Linux should be fully compatible with GCC.

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